Austria - September 21, 2018 09:35The Club 40 by Patrik Barbic Austrian National team selectedby Luca Ranocchiari - editor

Photo courtesy: Futsal in Österreich FB page

The first time, how to forget it? A new country is finally appearing on the international futsal stage! As announced some weeks ago (click here) Austria are making their debut in terms of National Team, under the technical guide of the Teamchef Patrik Barbic and his collaborators Aleksandar Ristovski and Rene Gaida. In order to have a first general evaluation on the best local talents head coach Patrik Barbic has selected the following 40 players for training stage currently in progress. The roster is splitted into two groups (the team in the picture is the one which characterized the first ever training of the Austrian National Team) of 20 players, with a record number of 12 athletes coming from Stella Rossa tipp3 Wien and the half from national champions 1. FC Murexin Allstars Wiener Neustadt, recently involved in the UEFA Futsal Champions League Main Round. Last but not least two "foreign additions": Adi Vrebac playing in Germany with Fortuna Düsseldorf and Burhan Yilmaz, involved in the Swiss league with MNK Croatia 97. Welcome, Austria!

Austrian National Team - Players List

Daniel Englisch (1. FC Murexin Allstars Wiener Neustadt)
Mirza Jatic (1. FC Murexin Allstars Wiener Neustadt)
Alen Muharemovic (1. FC Murexin Allstars Wiener Neustadt)
Vahid Muharemovic (1. FC Murexin Allstars Wiener Neustadt)
Jürgen Röcher (1. FC Murexin Allstars Wiener Neustadt)
Ivan Mihailovic (1. FC Murexin Allstars Wiener Neustadt)
Adilaid Dizdarevic (ASKÖ FC Diamant Linz)
Agan Fejzic (ASKÖ FC Diamant Linz)
Edwin Skrgic (ASKÖ FC Diamant Linz)
Said Djulic (Futsal Klagenfurt)
Youssef Helal (Futsal Klagenfurt)
Dejan Slamarski (Futsal Club Liberta Wien)
Michel Sandic (Futsal Club Liberta Wien)
Robert Bencun (Stella Rossa tipp3 Wien)
Attila Erel (Stella Rossa tipp3 Wien)
Alec Flögel (Stella Rossa tipp3 Wien)
Manuel Gager (Stella Rossa tipp3 Wien)
Jakov Josic (Stella Rossa tipp3 Wien)
David Marinv (Stella Rossa tipp3 Wien)
Ali Omsan (Stella Rossa tipp3 Wien)
Matthias Sadilek (Stella Rossa tipp3 Wien)
Sinisa Kulic (Stella Rossa tipp3 Wien)
David Rajkovic (Stella Rossa tipp3 Wien)
Arthur Vozenilek (Stella Rossa tipp3 Wien)
Boris Vukovic (Stella Rossa tipp3 Wien)
Dino Cesovic (Vienna Walzer)
Andre Hofer (Vienna Walzer)
Marin Pozgain (Vienna Walzer)
Christoph Gerstel-Würzl (Vienna Walzer)
Sinan Bicer (Fortuna ST AUTOMOBILE Wiener Neustadt)
Marco Meitz (Fortuna ST AUTOMOBILE Wiener Neustadt)
Dragan Gavranovic (Futsal Komušina)
Antonio Mrsic (Futsal Komušina)
Marko Mrsic (Futsal Komušina)
Timothy Sztatecsny (Käfig League)
Srdjan Savic (FC Internazionale Wien)
Srdjan Krpic (SFK Union Libero Graz)
Anel Kocijan (GRZ Graz)
Adi Vrebac (Fortuna Düsseldorf)
Burhan Yilmaz (MNK Croatia 97)

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