Sweden - July 04, 2018 23:13Swedish Women National teamPlayers list by Muffe BajraktarevicThree months have gone since Sweden made their historical (2-2) and winning (2-1) debut in Orebro with the women futsal national team in the double challenge against Czech Republic.
Now is time to resume the activity through a scandinavian derby vs Finland scheduled to happen ion July 17th and 18th in Tampere.

As announced by head coach Muffe Bajraktarevic, Sweden will mainly rely on the group of players involved in the inaugural games played in April, trying anyway to feature and evalutate some interesting new entries (click here to read the interview with the Swedish trainer).

Swedish Women National Team - Players List

Patricia Kaldoyo (Sätra)
Hilma Lundqvist (IFK Uddevalla Futsal)
Amanda Olsson (IFK Göteborg Futsal)

Field Players
Isabel Maria Aguilar (Vellinge IF)
Amanda Alfredsson (Falcao Futsal Club Stockholm)
Sandra Bagger (IFK Uddevalla Futsal)
Daniela Chamoun (Falcao Futsal Club Stockholm)
Diala Elia (Falcao Futsal Club Stockholm)
Vera Fridh (Norrköping Futsal Klubb)
Ida Hedstad (Lindahl FF)
Mariama Jammeh (Lindahl FF)
Nanna Jansson (IFK Göteborg Futsal)
Susan Kiryo (Falcao Futsal Club Stockholm)
Linnéa Kogsta (IFK Uddevalla Futsal)
Ida Lindqvist (IFK Göteborg Futsal)
Frida Lundblad (IFK Göteborg Futsal)
My Olofsson Hjelm (IFK Göteborg Futsal)
Maria Poli (Falcao Futsal Club Stockholm)
Nazanin Vaseghpanah (Falcao Futsal Club Stockholm)

Head Coach: Muffe Bajraktarevic

Swedish Women Futsal National team roster (Photo courtesy: Swedish FA)

Swedish Women Futsal National team roster (Photo courtesy: Swedish FA)

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