Chile - August 11, 2021 10:00Chile moving to MoroccoPlayers list by Vicente De Luiseby Luca Ranocchiari - editor

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Two interesting friendlies vs a World Cup member, that's the challenge for Chile. The roster coached by Vicente De Luise (who won't have the chance to join the team due to Covid-19 restrictions, while Nantes Métropole's Bernardo Araya and Newell’s Old Boys' couple Renato Martínez-Conde and Bilan De La Paz won't attend the game as this is not a FIFA friendlies window) is ready to move towards Rabat, where they will play two international friendly games vs Morocco on August 18th and 20th. The selected team will be leaded by the assistant coach Pablo Orellana and features three U18, one U19, two U21 and four U23 players with the purpose to gain experience outside the national borders, as pointed out by the head of Futsal Committee Luis Alberto Ramírez.

Chilean National Team - Players List

Benjamín Fuentes (Universidad de Chile)

Felipe Escobar (Universidad de Chile)
Eduardo Pérez (Universidad de Chile)
Nicolás Lagos (Universidad de Chile )

Nicolás Soto (rturo Fernández Vial)
Pablo Espinoza (Arturo Fernández Vial)
Jonathan Caceres (Coquimbo Unido)
Alan Morán (Deportes Melipilla)
Christian Palacios (Deportes Melipilla)
Joshua Barrios (Universidad de Chile)
Frank Carrasco (Universidad de Chile)

Jorge Galaz (Santiago Morning)
Carlo Cerda (Deportes Melipilla)
Nicolás Chacón (Universidad de Chile)

Head Coach: Claudio Vicente De Luise
Assistant coach: Pablo Orellana

Morocco vs Chile friendly games (Image courtesy: La

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