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STATSCORE chosen as the main sponsor for Futsal Ekstraklasa

by Erin-Marie Gallagher

August 11, 2020

Sports data provider STATSCORE has been selected as the naming rights sponsor of the Futsal Ekstraklasa, with the league due to be rebranded as the STATSCORE Futsal Ekstraklasa.

As the titular sponsor of the league, STATSCORE will also be integrated in the league’s new logo, which will be displayed on the competition’s website, clubs’ shirts and in numerous places where the matches are played.

Tomasz Myalski, founder and CEO of STATSCORE, said: “Together with our partners, we want to build the world’s biggest sports data center, where we will collect all the statistics, thus helping sports fans and organisations to derive even greater joy and higher benefits from sport. This is our vision! This is the reason for which STATSCORE exists.

“Extending the cooperation with Futsal Ekstraklasa gives great satisfaction to me and to the whole team. It is also a huge challenge, but having such an experienced and well-balanced team, and a partner who wants to develop with us, I’m sure that we will once again show our strength. I believe that together we will raise the STATSCORE Futsal Ekstraklasa to the world’s top level, providing fans with numerous innovative solutions.”

From the 2020/21 season, STATSCORE will also continue to deliver statistics from all the games of the Futsal Ekstraklasa, as well as supporting the league with its experience and expertise in this field.

Maciej Karczynski, chairman of the Futsal Ekstraklasa, added: “We started the talks a year ago. From the very beginning, we’ve wanted to build the future together. The first stage consisted in providing the league with statistics, which always add value to a competition. Today we have shown that we want to move in the right direction together, despite the difficult times.

“Thank you very much for putting your trust in the Futsal Ekstraklasa. I know that we’ve been appreciated for our work during recent years, when we have been noticed as a developing brand in the Polish market. STATSCORE has chosen us, despite the attempts made by other competitions in Poland. This is a great distinction.”

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