International Competitions - July 04, 2019 16:00UEFA Futsal Champions League 2019/2020Official draw results!Courtesy: UEFA

UEFA Futsal Champions League preliminary & main round draw

Nyon - Thursday 4 July 2019, 14:00

The preliminary and main round draws have been made, with Kairat v Murcia among the ties produced.

All UEFA Futsal Champions League entrants were involved in the preliminary and main rounds as drawn by Encamp player and former footballer Javier Saviola.

Preliminary round draw (27 August to 1 September)

Group A: Kampuksen Dynamo (FIN), Toulon Elite (FRA), KF Tirana (ALB), SMS Viimsi (EST, hosts)

Group B: Lokomotiv Daugavpils (LVA), Shkupi 1927 (MKD, hosts), Cardiff University (WAL), Encamp (AND)

Group C: Futsal Klub Csíkszereda (ROU), Futsal Minerva (SUI), AEK Futs Club (GRE, hosts), Blue Magic FC Dublin (IRL)

Group D: Pinerola Brastislava (SVK), Omonia Nicosia (CYP, hosts), Gazi Üniversitesi (TUR), Vængir Júpiters (ISL)

Group E: TSV Weilimdorf (GER), Allstars Wiener Neustadt (AUT, hosts), Racing Futsal Luxembourg (LUX), Sparta Belfast (NIR)

Group F: Luxol St. Andrews (MLT), Sjarmtrollan Idrettslag (NOR, hosts), Dinamo Chisinau (MDA), Fiorentino (SMR)

Group G: Hovocubo (NED, hosts), London Helvecia (ENG), Lynx FC (GIB), PYF Saltires (SCO)

Group H: Georgians (GEO), Varna City (BUL, hosts), Maccabi Nahalat Yitzhak Tel-Aviv (ISR)

Group I: Leo Futsal Club (ARM), Futsal Gentofte (DEN), KMF Titograd (MNE, hosts)

• The nine group winners go through to main round path B (groups already assigned)

Main round draw (8 to 13 October)

Path A

Group 1: Sporting CP (POR, holders), Ekonomac Kragujevac (SRB), Dobovec (SVN, hosts), Mostar SG (BIH)

Group 2: Benfica (POR), Halle Gooik (BEL, hosts), Araz Naxçivan (AZE), Kherson (UKR)

Group 3: Barça (ESP), Ayat (KAZ), Tyumen (RUS), Vytis (LTU, hosts)

Group 4: Kairat Almaty (KAZ), Murcia FS (ESP), Sport Club KPRF (RUS), Berettyóújfalu (HUN, hosts)

• The top three teams in each of the four groups progress to the elite round.

Path B

Group 5: Record Bielsko-Biala (POL), Sparta Praha (CZE, hosts), Preliminary round winners Group C, Preliminary round winners Group F

Group 6: Novo Vrijeme Makarska (CRO, hosts), Preliminary round winners Group B, Preliminary round winners Group D, Preliminary round winners Group I

Group 7: Stalitsa Minsk (BLR, hosts), Liburn (KOS), Preliminary round winners Group G, Preliminary round winners Group A

Group 8: Pesaro (ITA), Uddevalla (SWE, hosts), Preliminary round winners Group H, Preliminary round winners Group E

• The winners of each of the four groups advance to the elite round.


Preliminary round: 27 August–1 September
Main round: 8–13 October
Elite round draw: 14:00CET, 18 October
Elite round: 19–24 November
Finals draw: tbc
Finals: 23 or 24 & 25 or 26 April

How the draw worked
Four nations (Spain, Portugal, Russia and Kazakhstan) enter two clubs and those countries' eight representatives – including holders Sporting CP – are among the sides with the highest coefficients receiving byes to the main round. The other teams start in the preliminary round, with the draws for both rounds made in the same ceremony.

Full coefficient rankings

Preliminary round (27 August to 1 September)
• Seven groups of four, two groups of three.
• The clubs were split into four seeding pots based on their coefficient.
• Nine teams, including two of the nine confirmed newcomers starting in the preliminary round, were pre-selected as mini-tournament hosts and drawn separately from Pot 1 before being placed in their appropriate seeding position.
• The remaining sides in seeding position 4 were drawn next and placed in the remaining slots in Groups A to G.
• The clubs in position 3 (Pot 3), position 2 (Pot 4) and position 1 (Pot 5) were drawn to fill the remaining places in the nine groups.
• The nine group winners go through.

Main round (8 to 13 October)

Path A
• Holders Sporting CP, the next 11 top-ranked clubs and the teams ranked 16th to 19th will be involved in this path.
• Also in this path are former winners Kairat Almaty, Barcelona and Benfica, and 2008 runners-up Murcia FS.
• As in the previous draw, sides were allocated one of four seeding positions; four clubs were designated as hosts and drawn separately, while maintaining their seeding positions. There was no country protection.
• Due to a decision of the UEFA Emergency Committee, clubs from Russia and Ukraine could not meet. Thus Kherson (UKR) could not be drawn with either Russian side.
• The top three teams in each of the four groups proceed to the elite round.

Path B
• The teams ranked 12th to 15th and 20th to 22nd will be joined by the preliminary round qualifiers.
• As in the previous draw, sides were allotted one of four seeding positions and four clubs were earmarked as hosts and drawn separately, while keeping their seeding positions.
• The preliminary round winners were drawn to fill position 4 in each group, then positions 3, and finally one in position 2.
• The winners of each of the four groups move on to the elite round.

Elite round & Final tournament
• The 16 clubs will compete in four groups of four, drawn on 18 October.
• The four group winners from 19 to 24 November will progress to the knockout final tournament in late April.

Preliminary round
Pot 1 – hosts
Hovocubo (NED) – seeding position 1
Omonia Nicosia (CYP) – seeding position 2
Shkupi 1927 (MKD) – seeding position 2
Varna City (BUL) – seeding position 2
Sjarmtrollan Idrettslag (NOR) – seeding position 2
Allstars Wiener Neustadt (AUT) – seeding position 2
KMF Titograd (MNE) – seeding position 3
AEK Futsal Club (GRE)* – seeding position 3
SMS Viimsi (EST)* – seeding position 4

Pot 2 – seeding position 4
Blue Magic FC Dublin (IRL)
Encamp (AND)
Fiorentino (SMR)*
Vængir Júpiters (ISL)
Sparta Belfast (NIR)*
PYF Saltires (SCO)

Pot 3 – seeding position 3
Dinamo Chisinau (MDA)
Lynx FC (GIB)
Maccabi Nahalat Yitzhak Tel-Aviv (ISR)
KF Tirana (ALB)
Racing Futsal Luxembourg (LUX)
Cardiff University (WAL)
Gazi Üniversitesi (TUR)

Pot 4 – seeding position 2
Futsal Minerva (SUI)
Futsal Gentofte (DEN)
Toulon Elite (FRA)*
London Helvecia (ENG)

Pot 5 – seeding position 1
Leo Futsal Club (ARM)
Futsal Klub Csíkszereda (ROU)*
Pinerola Brastislava (SVK)
Lokomotiv Daugavpils (LVA)*
Georgians (GEO)
Luxol St. Andrews (MLT)
TSV Weilimdorf (GER)*
Kampuksen Dynamo (FIN)

Main round

Path B

Pot 6 – hosts
Stalitsa Minsk (BLR) – seeding position 1
Novo Vrijeme Makarska (CRO) – seeding position 1
Sparta Praha (CZE)* – seeding position 2
Uddevalla (SWE) – seeding position 2

Pot 7 – seeding positions 4, 3 and 2
Preliminary round winners Groups A to I

Pot 8 – seeding position 2
Liburn (KOS)

Pot 9 – seeding position 1
Pesaro (ITA)*
Record Bielsko-Biala (POL)

Path A

Pot 10 – hosts
Halle Gooik (BEL) – seeding position 2
Dobovec (SVN) – seeding position 3
Berettyoujfalu (HUN) – seeding position 4
Vytis (LTU) – seeding position 4

Pot 11 – seeding position 4
Kherson (UKR)
Mostar SG (BIH)

Pot 12 – seeding position 3
Tyumen (RUS)*
Sport Club KPRF (RUS)*
Araz Naxçivan (AZE)

Pot 13 – seeding position 2
Murcia FS (ESP)
Ekonomac Kragujevac (SRB)
Ayat (KAZ)*

Pot 14 – seeding position 1
Sporting CP (POR, holders)
Barça (ESP)
Kairat Almaty (KAZ)
Benfica (POR)

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