International Competitions - September 27, 2018 17:00FIFA Futsal World Cup 2020Where are we going?by Luca Ranocchiari - editor

Someday we'll know. When? Futsal community complains about the lack of information regarding the host of the FIFA Futsal World Cup 2020 but this is just due to their "low attention" to the serious sources of information in a world of compulsive social network users who spread arguable updates on the matter (just like the supposed changes to the laws of the game, remember?).

So, basically the truth (if we're still interested in it) is that FIFA will appoint the hosts for the Futsal World Cup 2020 in the end of October 2018, as we pointed out several times on The FIFA Council Meeting (former FIFA Executive Committee) to be held in Kigali (Rwanda capital city) on next October 25th-26th will provide all of us (professional complainers and normal people, no discrimination) with the final answer (likely to happen in a press release just after the meeting).

The final list of five bidders is not changed at all (despite uncontrolled news claiming a Costa Rican withdrawal or their substitution with Iran!), so the FIFA Futsal World Cup 2020 will be played in one of the following countries (here listed in alphabetical order):

-> Costa Rica
-> Iran
-> Japan
-> Lithuania
-> New Zealand

Where are we going then? We're actually not much open minded for the "world of rumors" (whispers talking about a private duel between Japan and Lithuania) but one point is 100% sure: FIFA will be in need to address their choice on a country which is (almost) "ready" to go in terms (at least) of venues, after the 2012 (the unfinished Bangkok Arena) and 2016 (Ibagué supposed 4th venue cancelled). This would represent a first step to succeed, even though interpreting our role of futsal addicted we'd like to have an earlier appointment for the FIFA Futsal World Cup 2024: this would help in many aspects involved, starting from the promotion of the event in the host country for example.

So, the FIFA Futsal World Cup is still there (again hearing the voice of "whispers" a just elected president Gianni Infantino was going to remove it, but fortunately crashed vs the National FAs opposition) and we have to celebrate the world wide challenge at its best. For the good of the game, as they say. Never forgetting that the game (not a tool!) is FUTSAL and not one of its "variant".

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