Spain - September 17, 2018 21:20Women futsal: Italy vs Spain 0-6Photogallery by Enrique Serrano - www.golsala.comby Luca Ranocchiari - editor

Years gone by, but Enrique Serrano from GOLSALA.COM is still "the one" when you must catch the best moments of a futsal game and throw them into a picture that will last forever in our memories.

So don't miss this impressive photogallery taken in the Pabellón Europa based in Leganés, the "home" for the UEFA Women's Futsal EURO Main Round Group 1, same venue in which RFEF (Spanish FA) aims to host also the Final Four Tournament in February 2019.

Enjoy thirty wonderful shots that will give you a clear idea on the enthusiasm generated by the new UEFA competition, as well as on the brilliant triumph of Spain over a worth Italy.

Don't miss more and more pictures from Leganés: click here and relive the girls challenge through the Enrique Serrano's camera!

Francesca Salvatore, head coach of Italy (Photo courtesy: Enrique Serrano -

Clàudia Pons Xandri, Spanish head coach (Photo courtesy: Enrique Serrano -

Ready to go: Spain (Photo courtesy: Enrique Serrano -

Ready to start: Italy (Photo courtesy: Enrique Serrano -

From the left: Ales Mocnik Peric, Petar Radojcic and Marjan Mladenovski: referees of group 1 decider (Photo courtesy: Enrique Serrano -

Spanish National Team
Silvia, Vane Sotelo, Mayte Mateo, Ampi, Isa Garcia, Cari Garcia
Consu, Ame Romero, Irene Samper,Peque, Berta Velasco, Anita Lujan (Photo courtesy: Enrique Serrano -

Italian National Team
Margarito, Mansueto, Coppari, Xhaxho, Violi, Mascia
D'Incecco, Belli, Pomposelli, Giuliano,Luciani, Borges (Photo courtesy: Enrique Serrano -

Team mates at Montesilvano, rivals with their countries: Ampi vs D'Incecco part 1... (Photo courtesy: Enrique Serrano -

And part 2... (Photo courtesy: Enrique Serrano -

Peque escapes to Luciani and Giuliano (Photo courtesy: Enrique Serrano -

Will Vane Sotelo score? (Photo courtesy: Enrique Serrano -

First attempt out thanks to this Marika Mascia save, but Alcorcon striker will find the net later (Photo courtesy: Enrique Serrano -

Anita Lujan and Mayte Mateo: celebration in progress! (Photo courtesy: Enrique Serrano -

Ludovica Coppari vs Vane Sotelo (Photo courtesy: Enrique Serrano -

Consu vs Bruna Borges (Photo courtesy: Enrique Serrano -

Ersilia D'Incecco vs Irene Samper (Photo courtesy: Enrique Serrano -

Mayte Mateo's attempt while Nicoletta Mansueto is looking at the action (Photo courtesy: Enrique Serrano -

Mayte Mateo followed by Nicoletta Mansueto (Photo courtesy: Enrique Serrano -

Arianna Pomposelli and Nicoletta Mansueto trying to stop Roldan star Mayte Mateo (Photo courtesy: Enrique Serrano -

Shot 1 - Vane Sotelo in action: is she alone? (Photo courtesy: Enrique Serrano -

Shot 2 - No way, Bruna Borges is trying to stop her (Photo courtesy: Enrique Serrano -

Ame Romero: goal number 5 for Spain! (Photo courtesy: Enrique Serrano -

The Pabellón Europa crowd is getting crazy for the spanish girls! (Photo courtesy: Enrique Serrano -

Ampi and Isa Garcia claim their innocence regarding Nicoletta Mansueto lying on the ground. Will refs believe them? (Photo courtesy: Enrique Serrano -

Consu vs Nicoletta Mansueto (Photo courtesy: Enrique Serrano -

The Spanish job: 26 goals scored and just one suffered. Final four, there we go! (Photo courtesy: Enrique Serrano -

Claudia Pons Xandri, Íñigo Martínez Corchete, Adrián Paz Franco and the whole staff on the spanish bench: good job! (Photo courtesy: Enrique Serrano -

Ame Romero, Berta Velasco and Anita Lujan: the image of happiness (Photo courtesy: Enrique Serrano -

Captain and coach: Anita Lujan and Claudia Pons Xandri celebrating the Main Round triumph (Photo courtesy: Enrique Serrano -

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