France - August 07, 2018 09:50French revolution in progress!Clubs vs FFF's unilateral decisionby Luca Ranocchiari - editor

Time to react and fight for your (futsal) rights. Maybe this will be just an August dream, maybe a basic day for futsal history. We will find it out later. But one thing is for sure: the French clubs action is a strong signal for the whole worldwide futsal community, which use to accept in some kind of submissive way decisions (or just lack of interest) coming from football people.

As we pointed out some days ago (click here to read our report) FFF recently released the new season fixtures of French Futsal, not including anymore the play-off final stage. This was done without getting in touch with the Division 1 clubs, in something that sounds as an unilateral decision.

The first strong reaction by national champions KB United was then followed by many other clubs until releasing the communication you can read below. Time to fight for futsal rights.

Suite à la suppression des playoffs en D1 futsal, nos clubs se mobilisent.

Ce changement soudain de règlement pose problème tant sur le fond que sur la forme. Nous déplorons surtout une décision unilatérale sans aucune consultation vis-à-vis des clubs de futsal.

Nous avons donc décidé de s’unir afin de mener un nouveau combat, ensemble.

Pour l’intérêt général du futsal et de la D1, nous épuiserons toutes les voies de recours possibles pour faire valoir nos droits.

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