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Iran under-20 futsal squad blanks Ukrainian team in friendly

Wed Feb 1, 2017

Iran’s national under-20 futsal team, also known as Iran Under-20 or Iran Youth Team, has managed to defeat the Ukraine national under-21 futsal team in a friendly match in the Iranian capital city of Tehran.

On Tuesday evening, the determined Iranian squad got off to a sound start in its second encounter against the Ukrainian Youth Team at the Great Prophet Hall, and claimed a 2-0 win against the Eastern European squad.

Hamid Ghahremani and Tohid Lotfi netted the two goals for the Iranian team.

Iran’s national under-20 futsal team had been held to a 2-2 draw against the Ukrainian under-21 futsal squad the previous day.

Iran Youth Team had Behnam Fa’al, Tohid Lotfi, Amir Hossein Haydari, Hamzeh Kadkhodaei, Amir Rostami, Saeed Ebrahimi, Omid Khani, Mehdi Karimi, Behnam Fakour, Mohammad Jame’, Mehran Sharifian, Mohammad Haydari, Sahand Rezapour, Hamid Reza Karimi, Abolfazl Shahbazi, Hamid Ghahremani, Mohammd Reza Farimanpour, Sina Samadi, Hashem Sajjadian and Seyyed Hossein Razavi in its array.

The Iranian squad was under the tutelage of head coach Ali Sanei.

“The two exhibition games on January 30 and 31 against Ukraine team would give us the chance to assess the preparedness of the national team’s players. Scrimmages actually help us to get a better picture of our capabilities, and draw up better plans,” Sanei had said before the two games.

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