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People go crazy for futsal in Kathmandu!

February 1, 2017

Kathmandu is crazy about futsal. The concept of playing futsal is gaining popularity in the city, especially among students and working group. Futsal is a ‘five-a-side’ version of football which is played on artificial turf. Green turfs barred as a fence are now a common sight around our city.

Futsal is not an expensive sport. All you need is a proper football kit and a plain sole shoe. The game is simple and fun to play. There is no such age limit and it is improvised and safe. The game encourages participation to go for a ball and thus minimizes inactivity and boredom. It is also a sport to maintain our body fit and healthy. Playing in this field also decreases the chance of injuries. Even for professional players, it helps to improve their skill.

Futsal is becoming a common form of recreation in Kathmandu. It is easy, entertaining to play and a very fine way of working out as well. During weekends and holidays, futsal courts in Kathmandu are busy from early morning to late evening. Getting an hour from your busy schedules to play futsal with your friends is always refreshing.

Posted by Luca Ranocchiari --> luca.ranocchiari@futsalplanet.com


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