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WYSA, BFC-WYSA youth teams shine in Cubby’s Futsal Tournament

Jan 31, 2017

The Watertown Youth Soccer Association (WYSA) and the BFC-WYSA Select Program had teams participate in the Cubby’s Futsal Tournament over the weekend at Brookings.

The BFC-WYSA Select U13 girls and U17 girls teams each placed first.

The BFC-WYSA Select U14 girls, WYSA 98-99 girls and WYSA 98-99 boys teams each finished second.

Members of the teams include:

• BFC-WYSA Select U13 girls — Lydia Buckley, Monet Misner, Mara Nelson, Addison Hoppe, Regan Campbell and Rylie Campbell. Coaches are Brock Thompson and Shane Campbell.

• BFC-WYSA Select U17 girls — Sierra Kannas, Kasey Lenning, Mahlia Derby, Alyssa Roby, Gracie Ebsen, Keegan Campbell and Taylor Adams. Coaches are Caylee Costello and Rose Derby.

• BFC-WYSA Select U14 Girls — Sara Boes, Hannah Walburg, Natalia Bednarczyk, Jessalyn Holden, Delanie Tschakert, Abby Hartman and Isabella Kerkvliet.

• WYSA 98-99 Girls — Sara Boes, Hailey German, Teagen Hartley, Abbie Holter, Abby Stormo, Bailey Finke, Seleste Thorson and Grace Bach.

• WYSA 98-99 Boys — Mason Ahlers, Michael Kruger, Brandon Maag, Nate Roby, Nick Sadler, Brandon Vazquez, Blake Wirtjes and Theo Czech.

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