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Ten remarkable events of Vietnamese Football 2016

1. National Futsal team enrolls in international playground

Under the leadership of Spanish coach Bruno Garcia, Vietnamese National Futsal team excellently won 2-1 against Japanese team during 45 minute match of quarter-finals to present the semifinal round at the 2016 Asian Futsal Championship in Uzbekistan for the men’s international teams of Asia.

The achievement showed that Vietnamese Futsal had been more and more developed as the Southeastern Asian country competed at the final of World Cup for the first time, the international futsal competition organized by the Federation International Football Association (FIFA).

At the 2016 Futsal World Cup Colombia, Vietnam National Futsal team defeated Guatemala with a score of 4- 2 and received the title of ‘Fair-Play’ at the final round.

The goal by Nguyen Minh Tri against Guatemala was chosen as the second best goal of the tournament.

4. Thai Son Nam Club grabs title of championship

Ho Chi Minh City football team spent an impressive successful competition year with three outstanding achievements.

Of these, it earned the title of championship and was considered as a successful for the national futsal team at the World Cup Finals 2016.

Thai Son Nam Club has just won four-team nations cup at the end of this year.

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