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Aussie futsal team for our winner in WDN/WCU awards

by Gerard Walsh

25th Jan 2017

MAKING an Australian team in open girls futsal capped a fine 2016 for Warwick State High School student Maddy Ross.

She is a monthly winner for 2016 in the Daily News/Warwick Credit Union Junior Sports Star of the Year awards.

Last year, she played for a Warwick High futsal team that came second in the regional competition and fourth in the state.

Ross was one of three girls from Warwick High who made the Queensland Country team to play in the nationals at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre.

She scored the goal to equalise at 4-all in the game against Queensland City before City scored the winning goal to deny Country a spot in the final.

After the nationals, Ross was selected in the Australian team, a selection that has won her a junior sports monthly award.

At the end of this year, she will graduate from Year 12 at Warwick High and plans a gap year in 2018 before starting university the year after.

"I want to keep playing sport to see if it takes me somewhere, Ross said.

Ross has already played for South West Thunder in junior football during a seven-year career in the outdoor game.

She feels futsal suits her better and it must. Few make an Australian team in their first year in a sport.

Posted by Luca Ranocchiari --> luca.ranocchiari@futsalplanet.com


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