Emilio Rotondi
Futsal Coach

Emilio Rotondi Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Roma (Italy)



Name: Emilio
Surname: Rotondi
Date of birth: 13/03/1957
Place of birth: Roma
Height (cm): 188
Weight (kg): 96
Hair color: Brown
Eyes color: Light blue
Profession (if not Futsal): Bank clerk
Married with: Rossella
Children: Chiara, Camilla
Shoes number: 45
Sportsman: Dino Zoff
Futsal Player: Mario Caneschi
Futsal Coach: Giampiero Forte (Roma Barilla)
Futsal League you would like to play: Australia
Match you remember (+):
Roma Barilla - RCB Roma 3 - 0, the first Italian championship final(season 1983/84)
Match you remember (-):
Portugal - Italy 3 - 3, (Feb 05th, 2000) qualification match to the 4th FIFA World Futsal Championship - Guatemala 2000

As a coach
1990/91 Avezzano C/5 (B)
1991/92 Avezzano C/5 (B)
1992/93 Pescara (A)
1993/94 Fiumicino (A)
1994/95 Verona (A)
1995/96 Clt Terni (B)
1996/97 Clt Terni (B)
1997/98 Clt Terni (A2)
1998/99 Clt Terni (A2)
2004/05 Genzano (A)

Year Futsal Salary: -
Drink: Wine
Food: Pasta
Car, Your Car: Ford Galaxy
Clothing: Casual
Color: Red
Actor: Alberto Sordi
Actress: Tina Pica
Film: "Un americano a Roma"
Book: "Tamata e l'alleanza" by Bernard Moitessier
Music: Rock
Singer: Frank Zappa
Town for living: Ponza
Place for holidays: The sea around my boat
Pet (animal): Dog
Sport you like: Sailing
Politic: "Old - joined left"
3 wishes: health, happiness, tolerance
Without Futsal what you would like to do: What I've done in the last 3 years: I lived with my family in serenity, cultivating my hobbies
Particular Hobbies: Skipper, cultivate the plants in my terrace


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