Maurizio Venditti
Futsal Coach

Maurizio Venditti Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Roma (Italy)



Name: Maurizio
Surname: Venditti
Date of birth: 13/09/1975
Place of birth: ROma
Height (cm): 184
Weight (kg): 90
Hair color: Brown
Eyes color: Brown
Profession (if not Futsal):
Shoes number: 43
Shoes trademark: Munich
Sportsman: Francesco Totti
Futsal Player: Andrea Rubei
Futsal Coach: Alessandro Nuccorini
Futsal League you would like to play:
Liga Nacional de Futbol Sala (Spain)
Match you remember (+):
Italy - Ukraine 1 - 0 (2003), 3rd UEFA European Futsal Championship Final
Match you remember (-):
Torrino - Bnl (1994), Italian Championship Final
Goal you remember:
Marco Angelini's goal in Torrino - Cesana Torino (1993), Italian Under 18 Championship Final

As a player
(91/95), Torrino SC
(95/96), Rete oro
(96/97), Viterbo
(97/98), Roma Rcb
(98/01), Lido di Roma
(02/03), Pomezia
As a coach
(98/99), Lazio C5 (under18)
(99/00), Torrino (under18)
(00/01), Torrino (under21)
(02/03), Pomezia (under21)
(Since 03), Brillante C5 (A2)
From 2001 to 2004: Italian national team goalkeepers'trainer

Year Futsal Salary: 15,000 Eur
Drink: Coca cola
Food: Pasta
Car, Your Car: Mercedes 500 SL, Smart
Clothing: Casual
Color: Blue
Actor: Tom Cruise
Actress: Michelle Pfeiffer
Film: "Le ali della libertÓ"
Book: "Febbre a 90░"
Women you like: Bellucci, Mosetti, Estrada, Hunziker
Singer: Renato Zero
Town for living: Roma
Place for holidays: Maldive
Football club you like: AS Roma
Pet (animal): Dog
Sport you like: Futsal and football
Politic: No comment
3 wishes: Having a wonderful family, winning the world championship as the italian national team coach
Without Futsal what you would like to do: pro football player
Particular Hobbies: Cinema, photography, AS Roma


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