Karoly Toth
Futsal Coach

Karoly Toth Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Budapest (Hungary)


Karoly Toth Details:

Name: Karoly Toth
Date and Place of Birth: 17th of February, 1961., Budapest
Constellation: Aquarius
Height: 181cm
Weight: 94 kg
Eyes colour: blue
Hair colour: blond
Marital status: married
Child: Karoly (22nd of January, 1985.)
First team: Ferencvarosi Torna Club
Favourite futsal team where played: Lorinc Etterem
Favourite futsal team: Action 21
Favourite Hungarian futsal team: Aramis
Results: Hungarian Champion and Cup Winner
National team matches: 37 (29 goals)
Career as a coach:
Scotch Real Print,
Trans Am-Legea,
Hungarian National Futsal Team (coach assistant)
Hobby: sports (tennis, ice-hochey, ski, football tennis)
everything that is good fot the ears (funky, jazz, beat, hits, classical)
Film: romantic films
being there on the Olympic Games or on a World Competition as a coach
Clothing: sportly elegant
Meal: I like smorgasbord restaurants
Drink: orange juice, Campari (also together)
the greatest gift of life that I could travell to beautiful places, but not yet everywhere
Cars: now Suzuki Wagoner+, but the real would be a Mercedes C-class

Karoly Toth

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