Mohamed Abdelouahab
Futsal Coach

Mohamed Abdelouahab Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Nador (Morocco)


Mohamed Abdelouahab Details:

Name: Mohamed
Surname: Abdelouahab
Date of birth: 9/7/1973
Place of birth: Nador (Morocco)
Height (cm): 168
Weight (kg): 66
Hair: brown
Eyes: green hazel nut
Profession: Futsal Trainer, Sporting Teacher

Shoes number: 40,5
Shoes trademark: Adidas, Umbro
Sportsman: Zidane
Futsal Player: Falcao
Futsal Coach: Javier Lozano
Futsal League you would like to coach: Spain, Italy
Competition you remember:
Egypt, Belgium, France, Libya, Netherlands, Spain, etc...
- football player:
junior player - 17 years national league 1980
- futsal player:
france champion 92, 94, 98
second in france champion in 96
european champion 92, 94, 98
Rhône-Alpes cup 94
Champion type of world Belgique 99
France cup in the quart final 2001
Rhône-Alpes cup 2004
Participation in many natioanl tournaments in France: Grenoble, Valence, Lyon, Cannes, Sévres, Paris, Marseille, Monptelleirs, Toulouse, etc...
Participation in many natioanl tournaments in the world: France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Germany , Netherland, Czech Republic, Morocco, Egypt, Lybia, etc...
France champion
Rhône Alpes cup national tournament in france
Vainceurs international tournaments abroad
second place in egypt tournament 2000
second place in egypt tournament 2005
second place in libya tournament 2005
Best Coach of the North Africa Futsal Tournament - Libya 2005
Professionnel expreiences:
orginzer of many national tournaments in france 95, 96, 97, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
orgnizer of national tournament in rabat 2001
orgnizer of national tournament of futsal in Al Hoceima 2005

Drink: water
Car: Wolksvagen
Actor: Eddie Murphy
Actress: all
Film: Pearl Harbor
Music: Rai, funk, R'N'B
Singer: all
Town for living: Grenoble, Rabat
Place for holidays: Spain, Morocco
Football club you like: F.C. Barcelona
3 wishes:
final of AFC Championship with moroccan national team
qualify to the FIFA Futsal World Championship - Brazil 2008
to become one of the 10 best coaches in the world.

Mohamed Abdelouahab

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