Ernesto Ariel Cusenier
Futsal Player

Ernesto Ariel Cusenier Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Buenos Aires (Argentina)



Name: Ernesto Ariel
Surname: Cusenier
Date of birth: 17/07/1985
Place of birth: Buenos Aires
Height (cm): 165
Weight (kg): 60
Hair color: Brown
Eyes color: Brown
Profession (if not Futsal): Student
Shoes number: 40
Shoes trademark: Nike
Sportsman: Diego Armando Maradona
Futsal Player: Falcao, Manoel Tobias, Hernan Garcias
Futsal Coach: Fernando Larranaga, Cristian Meloni, Pablo Parrilla
Futsal League you would like to play: Liga Nacional de Futbol Sala (Spain)
Match you remember (+):
Argentina - Paraguay
Match you remember (-):
Real Milan - Massa
Goal you remember: Real Milan - Domus Bresso

1998 Club Atletico Velez Sarfield (Football - Argentina)
1999-2003 Club Almagro (Football - Argentina)
1999-2004 Club Social Parque Serie A (Argentina)
2005 Real Milan Serie B (Futsal - Italy)

After the Player Career you will remain in Futsal: Yes
Drink: 7up
Food: Asado
Car, Your Car: Audi A4
Clothing: Casual
Color: Light blue
Actor: Robin Williams
Actress: Catherine Zeta-Jones
Film: Patch Adams
Book: El Tunel by Ernesto Sabato
Women you like: My mother
Music: Pop
Singer: Diego Torres
Town for living: Rome
Place for holidays: Punta Cana
Football club you like: Almagro
Pet (animal): Dog
Game you like: Poker
3 wishes:
Happiness for my family, forming a family, achieving my goals, either professional and personal
Particular Hobbies: Music and Playstation

Ernesto Ariel Cusenier

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